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Servicing all of Ontario, Canada including Concord, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Hamilton, and Scarborough

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The Overhead Door Company of Toronto is Ontario’s number one source for Loading Dock Equipment, Hi-Speed Overhead Doors, and everything you need to make your loading dock area an asset to your operation. We’re a division of DuraServ Corp, and from our home in Vaughan, Ontario, we serve the entire province. Our long history in the Loading Dock and Door Industries has helped us grow to offer all services related to your loading dock, from Design and Development to installation and servicing. We can provide insight on your next project or assist in an emergency when you need loading dock repair.

The Overhead Door Company of Toronto. Let Us Upgrade Your Loading Docks

The Overhead Door Corporation’s earliest operations date back to the 1920s when automobiles were beginning to overtake horse-drawn carriages as the primary method of transportation. We are a values-driven company and have become a Premier Full-Service Organization with an international reach, thanks to DuraServ and our decades-long history in the commercial overhead door manufacturing business. Not only do we offer the world’s most diverse selection of Integrated Door and Operator Systems, but we also have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to install your loading dock system. We want to be an asset to your company.

We’ll Install Your Loading Dock Equipment and Hi-Speed Overhead Doors

With our decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of overhead doors, we’ve been able to develop an extraordinary number of different entries with different applications. In addition to dock levelers, dock seals, commercial fans, and door operators, we also specialize in several types of Commercial Overhead Doors. We offer sectional doors, rolling steel doors, and high-speed doors for your business, as well as all the accessories you need to keep your overhead doors and loading dock areas operating smoothly.

We’ve installed Aluminum Sectional Doors in Hamilton, Rolling Steel Counter Doors in Markham, and Hi-Speed Fabric Doors in Scarborough. We’ve also helped customers choose their commercial overhead doors for their businesses in Brampton, Concord, Mississauga, and Toronto. Our factory-trained technicians have traveled across the province and back, providing the best service possible for parts & service calls, design consultations, and loading dock equipment installation.


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The Overhead Door Company of Toronto can only succeed with you when we have Employees Who Know They Are Valued and are inspired and dedicated to their work. Our company has six facets that help us give the best result possible for every customer and the best daily work experience possible for our employees. Here are the reasons why we succeed each day.

We’ve used the experiences of our employees to develop a sales model that works for Fortune 500 companies as well as it does for the small businesses that are so vital to the economy. It is our goal to Build Long-Term Relationships with all the clients we interact with through exceptional service.

Our experience has taught us that it’s essential to operate efficiently and intelligently when interacting with our clients. We don’t want you to spend hours on the phone with a half-dozen different customer service agents; we want you to be able to call us at any time and receive a swift answer to your question. Efficiency through our one customer, one contact policy means we can begin work on your request as soon as possible.

We serve businesses of all sizes, and We’ve Worked With single-site retailers and companies with an international presence. You’ve seen our doors and loading dock equipment installed at some of the largest companies operating in North America. We’ve handled work for giant retailers like Wal-Mart while installing equipment and servicing the Loading Dock Equipment for small companies that are unknown outside of their respective corners of Ontario

We know that when we work as a team, we are a stronger and more agile company, which means we’re an efficient and valuable ally to our customers. Focusing on teamwork at our company has a positive impact on everyone we interact with. When we work as a team, we can focus entirely on the Operational Needs of our Customers, which can lead to efficient timelines for installation, design, and service.

When we hire a new employee, we want them to become a long-term asset to our company, which means fostering dedication in everyone who works for us. We try to operate transparently and honestly with regularly scheduled meetings that explain company priorities and share detailed results on recent work. We know that when we treat our employees with respect, they will return that regard for their fellow employees and everyone who comes to us with a need for overhead doors or loading dock equipment.

Experience isn’t everything, but it counts a lot when dealing with sensitive and heavy-duty equipment like the Loading Dock Levelers and related machinery that we install. Some of our employees have decades of experience in their fields, which means they can provide the best service to our customers and help our newest employees learn everything there is to know about Material Handling, Loading Docks, and Commercial Overhead Doors. Some of our employees have more than 40 years of work experience.

The Overhead Door Company of Toronto is Ready to Install Your Overhead Doors

The Overhead Door Company of Toronto offers many products for Loading Dock Environments and anywhere that requires a Commercial Overhead Door. We are a company that is committed to your success, and we’re confident that our Factory-Trained Professionals and sales agents can work on a solution for you. We’re here with trucks and technicians to travel to you at any time, whether you’re in our hometown of Vaughan or you’re a company in Toronto. Contact us today to learn more about our company and set up an appointment for design, installation, or service.


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