Upward Coiling Security Grilles 671

Upward Coiling Security Grilles 671

​​​​​​​​​​​​Upward Coiling Grille Model 671 offers a choice of curtain materials to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of almost any environment. This security grille is fabricated of galvanized steel. Stainless steel and fire-retardant polycarbonate inserts are also options. The standard curtain pattern for this security grille is a straight lattice configuration, but you can opt for a staggered brick design.

​​​​​​​​High-Performance, Low Maintenance.​

These security grilles are built for long-lasting, trouble-free performance. The counterbalance assembly features heavy-duty helical torsion springs in a steel tube or pipe barrel to provide long and reliable service. Guides feature continuous wear strips for ease of operation and noise reduction. Surfaces are factory pre-finished to minimize field preparation and enhance the finish’s durability. Optional crank or electric motor further simplifies grille operation. An optional heavy usage package provides extended life in applications requiring higher-duty cycles, such as parking garages and service access gates.​

Emergency Egress Options

For public building applications, where grilles are utilized to secure access to public areas, an emergency egress may be necessary to prevent entrapment in the event of emergency or power failure. Applications including hospitals, schools, office buildings and libraries are ideal for adding this safety option to the door system. The emergency egress allows exit in the event of an alarm or power failure. The door is unlocked and therefore allowing exit. This feature avoids entrapment as well as provides immediate access to emergency personnel. We offer two different ways to implement the emergency egress option. Both ways meet the IBC 1008.1.4.4 requirements. One option is the auto-unlock and auto-release option using an egress electric operator system designed specifically to work with Overhead Door™ emergency egress. The other option is the auto-unlock and manual release which can be operated with standard Overhead Door® commercial operators.

Optional Electric Operation

These security grilles are available with an electric operator to provide automatic passage for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, including schools, hospitals, libraries, public access buildings and parking garages. Our commercial operators are designed to work with the Model 671 to ensure precise, smooth and safe operation for years to come. These operators are available with a variety of safety and actuator options that make these grilles suitable for nearly any commercial or retail application. These options include: