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Overhead Door Company of Toronto industrial HVLS fans produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, consistently circulating air in large spaces. The gentle breeze created equates to a 4-7 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, in accordance with ASHRAE 55-2010 comfort standard, keeping employees cool and comfortable.

C-Class Commercial Fan
C-Class Commercial Fan

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Kelley ATEC HVLS Fans

The Kelley KIF Industrial HVLS Fan doesn’t just move air, it circulates air efficiently and …

Serco ATEC HVLS Fans

Serco Industrial HVLS fans are designed to improve airflow and energy savings, providing a gentle …

HVLS fans don’t just move air, they circulate efficiently and create a more even temperature, which in turn protects product integrity, avoids potential spoilage, and increases employee comfort. The even coverage provided by the HVLS fan also works to reduce moisture in the air keeping floors drier and safer for employees.

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